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Luna Jaffe - Wild MoneyWild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom
is the brain child of artist, author and financial planner, Luna Jaffe.  Luna started a wearable art company, Lunasilks, at the tender age of 23, and never looked back, except to wonder why she never had savings.  Wild Money is the book she wishes she had had decades ago… it’s a creative, savvy, unconventional, emotionally brilliant exploration of our relationship with money.


cover-journal2Wild Money: A Financial Field Guide and Journal is the companion volume (because otherwise you’d be carrying around a 450 page book!); a visual glossary of financial terms and a beautiful creative space to work through the exercises in the book.

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Why Wild Money?

Wild Money is a new approach to exploring, enriching, and transforming your relationship with money. Like it or not, money is a relationship that isn’t going away. You can ignore it, abuse it, deny its existence, but still, you will be involved. You do have a choice about how you relate to the money that flows in and out of your life: You can choose to bless it or curse it, be thankful or resentful, be knowledgeable or ignorant. No matter how much or how little you have, how easily it comes and goes, you can take responsibility or not.

Understanding money may not come easily to you, and you may not get a thrill out of reading the finance blogs, or following stock quotes. That’s okay because luckily those tasks are no indication of your capacity to befriend money in your life and create a relationship that is more than good enough.

If you find it overwhelming, confusing, difficult, or simply onerous to make good, sound decisions about money, this book is for you.  If you want to use your strengths to master money—feel uplifted and supported, rather than burdened with shame and guilt, Wild Money will help you find your way.


Wild Money Testimonials

testimonial photos-03“What a blast of wily wild refreshing amazement this book is!! I will admit I dreaded cracking the cover.  Money—yuck! But all you have to do is read one page—I kid you not, one page!—and you will be hooked.  This is your ticket to shame free money freedom while having a beautiful blast.” 

  ~  Jennifer Louden, author of The Women’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

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Wild Money is truly catalyzing and Luna is a wise, calming guide into the universe of money and our relationship to it.  This book is going to help women immensely – the drawings awaken the right brain and open new channels of deep considerations as the left brain is guided to consider the specifics of money management.  Together, it creates an alchemical joy.”

~ Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D., Author, Psychologist, Founder: Legacy Beyond Borders“I LOVE

testimonial photos-04“Wild Money – it feels so resonant…so perfect a blend of artistic, intuitive, emotional plus the practical, do-able, must-do steps to make the dream real…like a companion for The Creative Entrepreneur — if I may say that, between us girls!  This is true: I didn’t even finish chapter 1 and I got out a new journal and my colored pencils to get right to work on my own Wild Money journal. the colors and writing and prompts just drew me right in.”  

~ Lisa Sonora Beam, author “The Creative Entrepreneur”

testimonial photos-06A book about money with pictures? Count me in. Wild Money offers such a kind, non-intimidating exploration of money. With Luna at the helm, finances can be intuitive and (gasp!) fun.”  

~ Laura Simms, coach, writer, & speaker crafting purpose-driven careers

testimonial photos-02“Wild Money is recommended reading for all of my creative friends and clients. Why? It acknowledges that many of us haven’t a clue how to balance, invest, save, or even receive money in a way that nourishes us. And it frames and explains money matters in ways that ‘get’ us creatives – with wit, wisdom, wonder, and confidence-boosting savvy.” 

Jeffrey Davis, author, founder of  Tracking Wonder Consulting & Programs

testimonial photos-05“What I need, and what every creative person I know who struggles with money needs, is a warm, vibrant, knowledgeable, compassionate and fun guide. Someone who will embrace the emotions and messiness of your journey without inflicting shame or judgment. Someone who has pragmatic, valuable advice to help you build a solid financial foundation today, and plan for ease and growth tomorrow.  Wild Money is the tool, and Luna is your guide.” 

~ Pamela Slim, best-selling author & speaker, “Escape From Cubicle Nation”